Our Mission

To bring innovative solutions to the residential real estate sector. Empowering homeowners, and growing local small businesses.

The Why ?

Compared to rest of the real estate world. The residential real estate sector has been under served. So, for the benefit of all parties involved, we want to change that. By providing homeowners with quick and easy access to the best local home services. And a platform for local small business to provide their services, and thrive.
Small businesses are the backbone of this country, and many local communities that depend on them. We truly believe small businesses have a wealth of expertise, knowledge and personal touch. And our customers are looking for that.

The How?

  • Connect homeowners with quality service providers, from plumbers to electricians and beyond
  • Provide tools for local small businesses to help them grow thier business
  • Share with homeowners guides on sustainable property management, to get more value out of thier homes
  • Network small businesses to share best practice in a more efficient way, improving the industry as a whole