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water heater post Types of water heaters and what costs to consider
Looking to replace your water heater? not sure what type of heater to install? or what costs you need to consider? then this is for you.
Sep 19
Expensive home repair How to avoid these 7 most expensive home repairs
We describe what these most expensive home repairs are, and how to avoid them using basic home maintenance principles.
Aug 25
energy save Top tips for energy saving around the house
Saving energy around the home not only saves you money, Its also good for the environment.
Aug 16
New homeowner 10 things a new homeowner must know
From a few emergency basics around the house to what insurance coverage you will need. Here's a list of 10 things you must know as a new homeowner.
Aug 10
homes Monthly and Annual Home maintenance basics checklist
Guide for homeowners and occupiers on the basics of home maintenance. Split into an easy to read monthly and seasonal checklist.
Aug 1